Wiki'd Nail Art Challenge - Week 10 - Horror Icon

Hey ladies and gents !!

So this is the final instalment in the wiki'd nail art challenge and I must say, this was the prompt I had been waiting the whole 10 weeks for.

Horror Icon !

I made up a short list of all the horror icons to choose from , but still couldn't pick so I got a little help with my friends to help me choose  which one to go for.

Does this help give you a hint?

Wiki'd Nail Art Challenge - Week 9 - Random wiki article.

So for this week we had to pick a random wiki article to base our nail art on.

I managed to luck out as the very first page I got when I clicked the "random article" button was a pretty awesome one !!


Wiki'd Nail Art Challenge - Week 8 - Salicylic Acid

Hey Guys,

So after some deep throught, I decided to forgo the missing weeks from this Wiki'd Challenge as I had too much to catch up on. So Here is my take on the week 8 theme - Salicylic Acid !


Danglefoot Polish - "School's Out" trio

Hey All !

Firstly I am so sorry for the lack of blogging lately, I've had a manic few weeks, but I'm going to get back on it as of now; as things have calmed a little :)

So my first blog post in a while is going to be a mini review ! :)