A to Z - P is for Pale !

Hey All !

This week's A to Z post is all about Pale things.

I admit I was a little stumped when it came to deciding what mani I was going to do, so I had a little google around and checked my dictionary for the definition of pale to see if that sparked any ideas.

But it was when I was reading about some international friend's epic snowy adventures that I got the idea for my mani.

The thing I absolutely adore but never ever happens in my area...

SNOW  !!


A to Z - O is for Old!

Hey all !

Back on time for this week's post YAY!

So this week's theme is "Old" and there isn't a lot older than a fossil huh?

I absolutely adored reading about dinosaurs when I was little and I admit I still love them now.
So what better to put on my nails than an awesome dinosaur skeleton?



A to Z - N is for New !


Sorry this weeks post is a little later than usual, I had work this weekend, and only managed to start the base coat!

This week's prompt is "New", and I was struggling a little with what I could do for "new" that wasn't your standard design. So I decided to choose "Nouveau" as I am a fan of Alphonse Mucha and his gorgeous works of art.

But I didn't want to do the obvious traditional Art Nouveau....

So a little delayed, but here it is ! My "New" mani.


A to Z - M is for Multi coloured!

Hey All !

This week's A to Z theme is multi coloured, and I really don't think I have had more ideas for any other theme !
I had so many ideas zipping around my brain all at once I had to write them all down in my diary so I wouldn't forget them !

Ultimately I went for a technique that I have been practicing ( and failing ) at for a very long time... Reverse stamping !

And here is my first successful reverse stamp design! YAY !!